Location: Sydney to Airlie Beach

With an early morning wake up, we ate breakfast and left our hostel by 7:00 am to catch our flight out of Sydney. We were all in good spirits and looking forward to some downtime on our flights. First, we flew from Sydney to Brisbane, and then from Brisbane to Proserpine. Once we landed in Proserpine, we hopped on a bus to Airlie Beach and made our way to our home for the next three days. The drive was beautiful, and I was amazed by the incredible scenery. We saw trees, sugar cane fields, coffee plantations, mountains and the small town of Proserpine. We met our Captain, Mal, at the marina and boarded our sailboat. I enjoyed learning that this sailboat is an ex-racing boat and hearing about the once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we are about to have. We will sail Hammer to Whitehaven Beach and snorkel around parts of the Great Barrier Reef. After a quick debrief, we relaxed on the boat as the sun set, took our last “normal” showers for the next few days, and enjoyed a pizza dinner. With almost all the pizza gone, we reminisced about the warm showers in the marina. Around 8:00 pm, everyone shared their intentions for choosing this trip and how they hope to achieve their goals. It was comforting to know we all shared similar thoughts on that topic. To end the day, we relaxed and got some rest to prepare for a day full of adventure!