Location: Beijing

We started our day with our usual routine: Get up at seven, eat breakfast, and get changed. One half of the group went to see the adorable babies at the baby home. The other half went to the group home after they went to Mass at Thomas’ house. At the group home, many kids came to play with us. Half of the group remained with the older kids playing various sports games and running around. The other half of the group went inside with the younger kids to draw, color in coloring books, and to make paper origami. When we got back home, there was a huge pot with mac n’ cheese waiting for us. Everyone was ecstatic with the lunch selection. After our lunch, we took a little road trip to a western market. With our wallets in hand, we stocked up on American food for our long ride to Taiyuan. To make our western market trip a little better, we all got Starbucks.

With coffee in one hand and our various selections of American food in the other, I would say that the trip was really successful. We stopped by the home to drop off our purchases and then headed to our second Chinese painting and calligraphy lesson. We learned to paint fish, cats, and lotus. In calligraphy, we learned to write ‘China’ and ‘Great Wall’ in modern Chinese characters. With our paintings and calligraphy drying, we had some Chinese treats and tea. We gathered our belongings and went back home. Brent came over before dinner and we had a lesson. We asked many questions about Mulan because we watched it the previous night. It was a very interesting lesson which we all enjoyed very much. After we had a delicious Chinese dinner. It was an early night so we didn’t have a forum. After our showers, we all gathered into the living room where some of us read books, wrote in our journals, and played card games. One by one we all went to bed to get ready for our early morning the next day.