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Location: Urubamba


Author: Maria Location: Urubamba-Ollantaytambo After a very restful night in our cozy hostel we all woke up to enjoy our lovely breakfast. There was everything from natural peach juice, to homemade fruit jellies and tasty teas. Unfortunately, some group members inevitably got sick and had to stay back at the hostel while the rest of us prepared to conquer the paddle boards. When we arrived at the lake we were all eager for the paddle boarding. Before anything, we took a small tour of the place. We got the chance to see a mama pig nurse her piglets and hold some cute guinea pigs. Soon, followed a session of meditation that helped us warm up. We were given basic lessons on paddle boarding and various techniques to use. In the end, all went perfect! Everyone attempted it and were enjoying the mesmerizing scenery around them. We were surrounded by huge mountains and the weather was truly ideal. Although, the majority of the students unwillingly fell into the lake, it did not stop anyone from having an unforgettable time. Afterwards, we traveled to a textile workshop a few minutes away from the lake and enjoyed a brief presentation. We learned how Peruvians naturally made colors for sheep and alpaca yarn with plants and tiny insects. In the late afternoon, we went back to our hostel to pick up our luggage and travel to our next hostel. After having time to settle down and have some free time to ourselves we went out for dinner. The group was able to have a taste of American food. We savored some delicious pizza, while enjoying the company of others. Overall, the day could have not been any more better for the group because there was definitely much adventure and rest.