Location: La Finca

Today, after some good pancakes and orange juice as always, we went to La Finca, the place where we were last week. It’s a small house with a swimming pool more in the countryside. In the morning, after we pushed Morgan in the swimming pool, we swam with children, and we were playing with them in the water. They loved this time with us too. One of the youngest kids fell around the swimming, and her lip was bleeding. She was okay. The two dogs were very happy to see lots of people in their house, but unfortunately, one of the dogs has a broken leg so he couldn’t play with children. Then, they left, just before lunch, so we said goodbye and took a big group picture. After lunch, we painted some benches red and two walls blue. We have done so much painting! We also planted some seeds of tomato, beans, and lettuce. I hope the seeds will grow well! We came back to the main house at 04:00 pm, and we returned to our families to prepare for our next trip!