Location: MySmallHelp Peru, Ollantaytambo

We started today with an episode of Friends because everyone arrived in the lobby on time and we had some extra time before our service work. That extra rest was needed as the day was filled with work with the My Small Help group out in the sun. The weather was pristine and beautiful, and we had the view of the mountains and glacier. Our service and contribution today included painting rocks and tires to brighten up the elementary school down the road in Chilca. We are all looking forward to our final day of service tomorrow and the weekend ahead, including a rescheduled paddle boarding session. Lots of activities planned for the next few days, and it already feels like we’ve done so much. I can’t believe that we’re already way past the halfway mark of the trip. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I can’t wait for the next days to come!