Location: Dharamsala

Today was our first day working with the children at T.C.V. (Tibetan Children’s Village), a school for the local Tibetan children of Dharamsala. Naturally, we were all very excited to meet the children and get to know them. Our initial impression was how good their English was so our job of teaching English didn’t seem like a job.

The children were all so excited to be with us and were very enthusiastic about learning more English. Getting over certain aspects of the language barrier was challenging, but once we did, we had a lot of fun, and we played lots of games with them. I loved connecting with the Tibetan children and getting to know just how different their childhood is than what we have experienced in the United States. We were even lucky enough to learn a couple of words in Tibetan. I can’t wait for more mutual learning in the coming days. For now, Tashi Delek!!