Location: Ollantaytambo

Happy day everyone! We began today by going to the Piuray Lagoon where we did paddle boarding and yoga. It was a beautiful clearing with hammocks and a beautiful lake. We were split up into two groups, half of us started with yoga while the other half started with paddle boarding. I began with yoga, which was very relaxing. Then I did paddle boarding. Even though I got stranded out on the lake, it was nice to be on the lake by myself for a little while. The view was really pretty, and it was relaxing to listen to the birds chirping. When I finally got back to shore, we had a delicious lunch. The best part was being able to look at this beautiful lake view.

Afterward, we headed back onto our bus. We went to this place where the Peruvian ladies showed up how they made the “alpaca” yarn. It was so incredibly cool. They were also selling lots of things, but they were way, way too pricy; that’s okay though. After watching the ladies show us how to make the alpaca yarn, we saw some amazing Incan ruins before arriving at our new hostel called Tika Wasi. It is nicer then Resbalosa. I LOVE it at this place. We are going to be at the Tika Wasi for the next week. It’s one of our last hostels before Machu Picchu!

Today was a fun day, and I’m excited for what the rest of the trip will bring!