Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We all had a very relaxed morning. As the chefs cooked French toast, the rest of us moved outside and slept some more on the roof with beautiful views of Marina Key to wake up to. As most of the crew began to wake up for the second time this morning, the staff told us that we would have the boat to ourselves for a couple of hours while they went off to a staff meeting on the island. We finished up breakfast with our choice of music blaring through the speakers, and plenty of laughs filling up the boat. We then started an intense card game while waiting for the staff to come back and give us the news that our day would be filled entirely with water sports, pico sailing, snorkeling, and chill time for a free day. With a short sail over to Musk Mellon Bay, the crew motored Ewak into the bay, immediately setting off with our snorkeling gear and staff taking rounds of us out on the super dinghies to try wakeboarding, water skiing, and knee boarding. After a very full day, all of us were very much ready for a classic saltwater shower, and after having burned off our quesadillas that were so lovingly made by Elliot, we were even more ready for dinner. Perfectly timed as we had just learned about and seen many this afternoon around the rocks of the bay, all of GoBeyond met up on Anamacara to dissect a Lion-fish after dinner. Finishing off the best day yet in the best way possible, we have a movie night (and I get the honor of deciding on what it is we end up watching) before heading off to bed to wake up and see what tomorrow has in store.