Location: Road Town, Tortola

The last few days of adventures aboard Portlandia continue; the day began with a wake up to orange hand sanitizer and green milk. We went to the VISAR base to help with the projects that were assigned. Chairs were painted, signs were restored, weeds were torn up, apparel available for crew and sold as merchandise was organized. Most people were outside weeding and making the landscaping look nice, while others were upstairs working on organizing the apparel, and some even took naps. Our day at VISAR came to a successful close, and we were all rewarded with frozen fruit popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, and some even bought some VISAR merchandise. The day slowly began to wind down as we motored back to the moorings dock where we took freshwater showers and ate pizza instead of having breakfast for dinner. After departing the moorings dock with some new apparel from the Moorings gift shop, we threw leftover pancakes at Beez Chaser, then quickly raised the jib sail and sailed quickly past them and arrived at our anchorage at Peter Island for the night. The beautiful pink sky closed our eventful day.