Location: China

This morning, everyone ate a delicious group breakfast at the apartment before heading off to our respective homes. Four life workers and I spent our day in the baby home. We had an amazing time cuddling and playing with the children. We also learned how to properly feed and change the diapers of the babies while attending to their special needs. After a very fun time with the younger kids, we all met back at the apartment to eat tasty hot dogs and baked beans cooked by Jasmine and Alec. Then we went to the beautiful summer palace where we got to explore the gardens and race in paddle boats. Sadly, it started raining, so we headed to a western market to stock up on snacks for our upcoming adventure to Taiyuan. Sweaty and tired, we headed back to our rooms before going out to dinner. We went to the same restaurant from the first night, so we knew exactly what to order. We stuffed ourselves with our favorite dishes and then ventured back to the apartment where we worked on a project for the kids in Taiyuan. We decorated jeans and then stuffed them so they could help with rehabilitation for kids with cerebral palsy. Now it’s time for a long night of packing for our trip tomorrow!