Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an exciting day since we woke up from being able to sleep in. We woke up to some new music and cleaned up our beds and by the time we finished that, it was breakfast time. Shaun was kind enough to make us pancakes, but of course being Shaun, he added his twist to it. Instead of putting the pancakes in a pan as he made them, he decided to throw them in the air for us to catch our food. After breakfast, we were starting preparing for our big day, Race Day. We came up with a game plan and decided to go with a pirate theme. Some went all out, and others wore a bandanna. It was very eventful and competitive. We came in 3rd, which wasn’t ideal, but we worked as a team and tried our hardest, which in the end is what matters. When the race came to a wrap, we anchored at Norman Island and had a relaxing night. Jules made us brownies/cookies, and we spent the night writing each other notes. I am sad this is coming to an end but I am so grateful for this opportunity.