Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Day 19, Lifeworks is drawing to a close. Today started with an excellent breakfast of pancakes from our chef’s Sam and James. After breakfast, we traveled to Conrad’s house on Peter Island. Conrad was a local who spread joy throughout the community. Over the years, Lifeworks has been visiting and assisting Conrad with his daily chores. Sadly Conrad passed away two years ago, but we (Lifeworks) continue to return to Peter Island to look over his home and share his story. Later on in the day, we traveled to Road Harbor in Tortola to prepare ourselves for the race. The odds were slightly against us going into the race, as our boat has an older sail. Preparations for the race included face painting, searching for crazy clothes, taking everything off the lines, and downloading the Pirates of The Caribbean theme song. The race began, and everyone was extremely excited and anxious. We started smack dead in the middle of the pack. We played the loudest most obnoxious music, which somehow pushed us all the way to neck and neck with the first place boat. After an hour and a half of back and forth the Snow Cat crew pushed through and became victorious. It was an all-around fun race and a great final day. We finished off the night with an evening program that is an Action Quest/Lifeworks special. It is a program that entails writing cards that have good things to say about everyone on the boat.