Location: Puntarenas, Uvita

We all woke up at 6:00 ready for another extraordinary day. We all met up at the restaurant for breakfast. We had the usual rice and beans, fruits, and more. After eating, we brought all of our luggage and went on the bus to go RAFTING. The drive was about 15 minutes until we had to go on to another bus going through an off-road trail through a mountain to get to our stop. This drive was going to take us about an hour. On the way, we had to get pulled by a 4×4 truck up a steep hill. We were finally able to get to our stop. We all got our gear, like helmets, paddles and life vests. We go onto our rafts, and we were ready to start an exciting adventure. Halfway down the river, we all stopped and had some pineapple and cookies. The whole ride took us about an hour and a half, and we had lunch at the end. We then got back onto our buses and traveled to our next destination. Our stop was at a church, where we met some of the local children and started to read some books with them. We tried to teach them some English while learning Spanish from them. We then started to play some games; like duck-duck-goose, soccer, 4-square, and much more. Sadly, after two hours, we had say our good-byes to the children. We then traveled to our next hotel to stay for two nights. We all got to our rooms, and after an hour, we went to eat dinner. We had the choices of rice and vegetables, rice and chicken, and Alfredo pasta. After dinner, we decided to go to a local supermarket and get some Costa Rican snacks. We all went back to our rooms and got ready for the next exciting day.