Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

After getting up and eating, we headed to Trellis Bay to pick up the kids who would be traveling with us throughout the day on the boat. When they boarded the ship, we all chose a buddy and learned their name and favorite animal; then we started sailing toward the beach in Cam Bay. There, we did a huge cleanup and collected multiple bags of trash while also jumping in and out of the water. We returned to the boats and went swimming with lots of splashing, screeching children, and ate lunch before returning them to Trellis Bay. We then had an hour offshore time on Beef Island to call parents, shop, eat and return to the boat to prepare our scenario for Virgin Island Search and Rescue (VISAR). Both boats collected on Firebolt and decided on our situation, where Griffin “had a head injury from flipping and fell on the deck.” When VISAR came, they strapped him to a board in the pouring rain (which mostly washed the “blood”/ketchup away), carried him to their boat and sped off toward the “hospital.” They returned to give us rides on their high-speed motorboat, and we had a Q&A where we asked them questions, and they told us stories. For dinner we dinghied over to a nearby beach where we met up with the Action Quest people and had a quick BBQ, before the rain came again and we all got soaking wet again, which caused people to belly flop into a nearby puddle and swim in the rain, as we waited to go back to our boats.