Location: Anegada

We started out the day with a fresh breakfast right next to the dingy full of tools ready to be sent to shore to be used for our rebuilding project at Anegada’s school. Arriving at the education center, our physical state might not have been at its best, but we managed to do the work. Since our mind overtook any emotion that we thought was backing us down, we were able to accomplish all of our tasks. Car tires and compost bins were painted, holes were dug, shades were put up, garden boxes were built, and lives were changed. Satisfied from our hard work being done, barely able to walk, we returned to Anegada’s Reef Hotel to unpack our tools and return to our Catamaran. We motored to a new location on the island where we headed to a beach for some free time, helping our minds forget about all the exhausting but necessary work we have been put through this past week. Returning back to our boat, we all got to take a saltwater shower and get ready for dinner. Our nights ended with a squeeze, making day 10 come to an end.