Location: New Life Project, Kanchanaburi

This morning we learned about (and experience) planting rice- something everyone in Thailand, and most of the world, eats every day. We never knew how many steps were involved in the process and how much work it takes to get those grains on to your plate every meal. After an exciting hour of planting rice, we all jumped into a nearby water hole to clean off and play around for a while. Even better, the New Life Foundation was kind enough to share their giant vat of coconut ice cream with the Lifeworks team after we finished our morning’s work. Thai nights tend to all end in very lively dance parties and tonight was no different. It started with a traditional Thai dance performed by the older girls of the New Life Project, followed by a presentation of Muay Thai kickboxing and performances of two other international programs that arrived earlier in the day. The dance party ended with a Thai pop song that is one of the children’s favorite songs. The New Life Project works very hard to give their students a healthy happy lifestyle to carry with them, as they get older. It’s great for students from other places to be able to not only see the problems of the world but to see that there are people helping to fix those problems.