Location: Anegada

Today we woke up bright and early to get onshore and meet up with the kids from YEP (Youth Empowerment Project). They came on a ferry from East End Tortola and met us in Anegada once they arrived, we assigned everyone to buddies, whom they stayed with for the rest of the day. We then went to the Anegada Rock Iguana Preservation Facility and, with the help of our new found friends from YEP, we fed the iguanas and helped paint the facility. During the middle of the day, we left the facility and went to the beach to play with the YEP students. After staying in the water for hours, it was time to say goodbye to the students. We escorted them back to the ferry dock and then headed to the boats. Upon return, we showered and started preparing dinner. We had a beautiful Caribbean sunset followed by a good meal and a thought-provoking squeeze. What can we say? It was just another crappy day in the Caribbean.