Location: Beijing, China

Our day started with our typical routine. We woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast and then headed to the baby home in the morning. Due to our tiring day of double service and increased sugar intake late yesterday, most of us were exhausted at the baby home and spent half of our time napping on the couch. We came back to the apartment to a lunch of spaghetti that I slept through. Then, much to our chagrin, Catherine announced that our plans for the day had changed and that today would be another double service day. So in the afternoon we got back into the van with Korean pop music blaring and went to Roundabout, a secondhand store that accepts donations, sells them and donates the proceeds for medical procedures. We moved boxes, hung up clothes, inflated many inflatable things, set up shelves and bought gifts for our families. After Roundabout we came back to the apartment for dinner cooked by our new chef lady which I also slept through. After dinner, we had another staff led forum that prompted a lot of group bonding. As we were all exhausted from our two days of double service, we all fell asleep quite early. Today we were definitely in our favorite place: outside of our comfort zone.