Location: Beijing, China

Hi Mom, today was a fun and exciting day. I woke up today at 6:30 to Nathan’s snoring, and went to brush my teeth. After about 3 minutes of brushing my teeth, I went back to the room, and the snoring was gone. I couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up waiting for everyone to wake up. After eating breakfast, we set off to the baby home. Since some of the toddlers were sick, we had to stay upstairs and play with the babies. There was a lot of sanitizing going on to make sure everyone stayed healthy. After coming back from the baby home, we came home to a lunch of hot dogs, and beans. The hot dogs looked like there was plastic wrap around it, but it was just the skin, so I still ate it. The beans had a bit too much sugar and were too sweet (thanks to Thomas). After lunch, we had time to rest before heading off to Round-A-Bout. When we got to Round-A-Bout, we were all assigned jobs. Half the girls were sent off to sort out books, while the rest had to dress Barbie Dolls. The boys, including myself, had to test the electronics. The other Alex and I had to test some old GBA games, while Nathan and Emily were testing different electronics. While we were hard at work, we were all offered watermelon and brownies. Coming back home from Round-A-Bout, we had tofu, tomatoes and eggs and garlic shoots for dinner. After dinner, we all sat down to watch a movie and practice our flash mob dance. All in all, today was a great day full of fun and interesting things.