Location: Sólheimar

Today the group got to sleep in a little after a day’s work of service. We woke up around 9:00 and started eating some breakfast. After breakfast, we had a little time to relax, and I played a card game named Signs. In this game, four people play, and there are two teams. The teammates sit across from each other, forming a square, and are trying to get four matching cards. There are only face cards, and then they’re passed around until one person has four of any of the face cards. The trick to the game is that you don’t want the other team to know what you have so you communicate with signs, hence the name of the game. After that, the group went horseback riding. I was ultimately super unsuccessful and couldn’t figure out how to make my horse go faster. However, some of my peers were great at it and were prancing around quite gracefully. After our horseback riding, we came back to home base at Solheimar and went on a nature hike around the 60 acres of land. There were many breathtaking views along the way, and it was really enjoyable for me. Finally, we concluded our day by relaxing and watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” in the movie theater they have here. It was a super fun day with many awesome activities that kept us on our toes.

Jack Boris