Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hello everyone!

Today, we had to wake up early (yet again) because we were sailing to another island at 6:30. After a few hours of reading, friendship bracelet-making, and conversations about Wil’s sleepwalking, we ate breakfast. The sailing took around 3 hours, and once we were at the island, we started turtling in a big reef off the coast. Well, it was more like snorkeling because we didn’t actually see any turtles. We did see a lot of cuttlefish and squid, though, and by the end of our 2-hour turtling session, most of us were anxiously avoiding the nearly invisible jellyfish. Once we got back to the boat, we all ate grilled cheese for lunch, just like yesterday, and the hot sandwiches tasted really good after a few hours in the ocean. Davis and Wil spotted a turtle, so they jumped into the ocean to try and catch it. They were so close, and the turtle was just 3 feet away from them, but unfortunately, they couldn’t catch it. Then, it was time for more sailing. We sailed for a couple more hours to the place where we would spend the night. A large group of us were playing BS and other card games while others were napping (me included). By the time we finally arrived, we got to take ocean showers! They felt especially nice after the long day of traveling. We even found an abandoned anchor and chain on the ocean floor while taking the showers. Afterward, Chris showed Aditya, Margaux, Wil, Rishi, Rhylee, and me an incredibly annoying game. After about fifteen minutes of trying to solve it, Aditya was the first one to figure out the answer.

We all assumed that Chris and Aditya were pranking us and secretly communicating somehow, but that was really just an excuse because none of us could solve it. Finally, after another fifteen minutes, I managed to solve it, and I felt kind of dumb realizing how simple the solution was. Edie and Samira joined in next, even though we advised them not to get sucked into the rabbit hole. A considerably long time later, Rishi figured it out, and then Rhylee. Samira and Edie were next, and Margaux and Wil were annoyed that the people who had just joined solved the game before them. They still have not figured out the answer. We spent over 2 hours trying; soon enough, it was dinner time. During our daily squeeze, the counselors had a contest of who could make up the craziest fun fact about their partner. In my opinion, Chris won with his story of Will being an army veteran who had to amputate a soldier’s right leg, then missed and accidentally chopped off both, but all of them were really funny. Finally, after dinner, we got ready to settle down and watch a movie. That’s all for today, and we’re all excited for tomorrow!