Location: Whitsunday Islands

Today we woke up early, ate breakfast on the deck of Hammer and set sail for the Whitsunday Islands. We arrived early in the morning and hiked as a group to Whitehaven Beach. Everyone is in love with the Whitsunday Islands. We took a lot of pictures of the beautiful beach and enjoyed the soft sand under our feet. We chilled on the beach and grew as a group as we got to know each other better. After lunch on our sailboat, we sailed to another beach where we hiked and played a game as a group. After three hours on the beach, we went back to our sailboat and had dinner. Afterward, we discussed our highs and lows of the day as well as our impact on the environment and how we can reduce our eco-footprint. Tonight some of us will sleep on the deck of the boat and enjoy the night outdoors… but some of us will enjoy sleeping on our beds inside.