Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today I woke up to the roosters and shining suns at the wee hours in the morning. We were given a brief introduction from the head of the program and then we were off. Since I was the boat’s skipper for the day, I got to drive and navigate the boat as we traveled to our next destination. We sailed for 6 hours and arrived at a beautiful but fly filled beach. We dropped our anchor and then prepped for the rest of our night. Following our arrival, we jumped into the ocean, and it was great. The water was super clear, and you could see twenty feet down to the bottom of the ocean without a problem. It was incredibly warm. We hung out in the water and on deck playing music for a while and then prepped for dinner as it began to become dark out. My favorite part of the day was either when I was driving the boat in open waters and allowed to floor it or when I was swimming with friends.