Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a leisurely wake-up in Road Town at 8:00, we left the dock to get breakfast on land. The boat was docked where it stays in the off-season. We first went to a french deli and had the option to get breakfast there. After the french deli, we went to a cafe where we could get iced coffee and bagels. We then received our phones. The delicious cafe was next to a few shops, which we decided to take a look at. After, we went back to the boat and hung out there for about an hour. We then decided to walk to lunch. We were required to turn in our phones before we left. We went to a restaurant that was attached to a hotel where they had burgers, fish, and pasta. We talked and drank mango smoothies while we waited for our food. I got scrumptious mahi-mahi. After paying, we walked back to the boat. Tilly and I raced, but it ended with about half the group running to the boat. We then motored to Great Harbor, Peter Island. Max, Tatum, Caro, Tilly, and I talked and watched Riley drive the boat. Riley let me and Tatum drive for a few minutes.

Shortly after, we arrived at GHP; we cleaned the boat. I was stuck with cleaning the heads, which was an interesting experience, but I was happy to have a clean bathroom. After admiring our clean vessel, we hopped into the ocean for showers. Dozens of Jellyfish surrounded our boat. At first, we were all pretty scared, but the activity ended with us fearlessly swimming through them because this type doesn’t sting. The chefs then cooked dinner; it was Mexican night. We ate and cleaned up. After clean up, we set up hammocks and went to bed early.