Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

This morning, we all woke up to the sight (and smell) of Elliot bobbing up and down making pancakes while listening to music. After devouring the delicious pancakes slathered in Nutella, we set course and motored our way over to Jost van Dyke for the second time in two days. This time instead of hanging out with all of the kids, we set off to a weed a rock-covered hillside that we were supposed to clean and terrace. All of us were a little overwhelmed with the task at hand, however, without missing a step, we jumped straight in and got to work. Some groups were charged with weeding out the numerous invasive plants that infiltrated the dirt; other groups had to painstakingly uproot half-buried boulders and roll them down the hillside to create terraces so that the locals can grow their sustainable food. The fierce sun beat down mercilessly on our backs, and we were instantly drenched in sweat. Eventually, enough rocks and weeds were cleared out of the way, so we switched to shoveling dirt into buckets and carrying them up the steep hill. After that proved to be somewhat ineffective, we formed a long line that snaked up the hill and passed the buckets to each other all the way up the hill. Finally, at two o’clock in the afternoon, we were allowed to break for lunch. Immensely relieved, we swiftly packed up all of our things and went to a restaurant called Foxy’s, which is a famous place on the island because the person who owns it is super well known. While it took a long time for the food to come, it was definitely worth the wait. Foxy’s daughter was able to hook us up with some free conch fritters, French fries, and fried chicken wings because we had helped her clear the hillside as it was her project that we were completing in the morning. After gorging on food, we had some town time with our phones, and many of us wandered around in little clusters and admired the quaint architecture of the town. At four o’clock, we got back onto the boat and jumped straight into the water for some much-needed salt water showers. Many front, back, and side flips later, we dried off and motored around the corner to Little Harbor, where we anchored next to the rest of the other Action Quest boats in preparation for a giant beach BBQ with all of them. Right now, as we are about to get on the dingy to get to shore, ominous rain clouds are closing in and threatening to open up right over us.