Location: Anegada

Today, we adventured further into the beautiful island of Anegada. We helped serve today by going to the heart of the community. One of the oldest buildings on the whole island is the church. All the people of Anegada gather together in worship. The church is like the glue of the community. Our group took an open-air taxi to the church bringing many supplies and also a good attitude. We helped by painting the walls surrounding the beautiful architecture. Although it might not seem like much, the beatification process pulls together the look of the church. All of the GoBeyond students worked for continuous hours to try and make the church look new again. Many community members showed their appreciation as they walked or drove by. We also had many visits by sheep and goats. Painting the walls taught us a new importance for the little things you can do to make a big difference.

We took a break for lunch by making ourselves sandwiches. In total, the students and staff combined painted over 13 gallons of paint all over the walls around the church. After, we cleaned up as much as trash as we could from the playground nearby then all loaded back into the taxi. When we got back to the boat, we motored around the corner of the island to a gorgeous beach where we ended up anchoring for the night. We had found new land on the island of Anegada to start exploring. We all got ready to go to the beach and headed towards the dinghy. We spent about an hour playing volleyball, frisbee, and just swimming around. It was so much fun because the two GoBeyond boats got to spend time together. We all returned to the boat with smiles across our faces from ear to ear and ready for our saltwater showers. It was Thanksgiving for dinner; we ate while watching the sunset and the color filled sky. This was definitely a day to remember.