Location: Kanchanaburi-Bangkok

This morning we woke up knowing it was our last morning at Kanchanaburi, so also our last hours with our cute buddies and all the other people at this amazing place. It was sad, but we tried to think positively and sing Happy Birthday to Sami which made us all a lot happier. We then went to eat breakfast; toast with jam, eggs and Coco Pops for those who want an everyday breakfast; french fries and hot dogs for those who want an unusual one. A bit for everyone! After breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to the kids as they had to go to school at 8 am. We all hugged each other saying “Goodbye, I will miss you,” they gave out the bags that we painted together with our buddy the first day as well as other beautiful presents and drawings they made themselves. We hugged them, they gave us one and kisses, and other hugs and other kisses until we had to say goodbye. Lots of tears and red eyes…it was a very emotional moment…it’s hard to say goodbye. We then discussed the few days we spent there and got to know a lot more about this awesome big family with many of the older people who take care of them. Then -against our will- we went upstairs to pack our bags; checking we had everything with us and didn’t forget anything. For the last time, we said goodbye to the people who were still there and finally walked into the van.

Up to Bangkok! We slept a bit, watched a movie and played some games. We then stopped to eat lunch at McDonald’s; American food again. We had about one hour left in the car which went pretty fast. Arriving at the hotel, we went to our room with our new roommates. We unpacked, did our laundry and took a good long hot shower! We then went down to do our forum. We discussed and reflected on our past days at Kanchanaburi; we talked about the difference between the place and our homes, our relationship with our buddies, what we didn’t expect about it and way more.

We shared our opinions and came up with interesting thoughts and reflections. After having put our “deep thinking hats” on, we went to an Italian restaurant close to the hotel; it was delicious: pizza, pasta, lasagna…And then…surprise surprise… a beautiful cupcake came with a candle on it! Happy Birthday, Sami! We sang for her and enjoyed our little chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. In the late evening, we had the choice between all sorts of things to do to make the best of it; we had the option to go see a show of martial arts, go to see a movie, go bowling, go to karaoke or just relaxing at the hotel. It was an emotional but also a beautiful and surprising day!