Location: Beijing

 Today we woke up and had eggs and bread prepared by Maddie and Rachel! We then headed over to dewdrops (about a 10 min. ride away) where we all played with the babies/toddlers like usual. We went back at like 11:30 AM and the chefs of the day made us pasta and salad. Afterward was the best part of the day! The 798 art district! (Imagine a town full of art galleries, cafes, and shops). We all walked around as a group (8 people including the leaders) going in and out of little stores full of cute things from clothes to patches to panda boxes after we got ice cream cones and sat around for a while. We then went to more stores; I think everyone’s favorite store was the last one we went to. It had fake Ray Bans, a bunch of hats, iPhone cases and little miscellaneous things you never knew you needed. We took a lot of pictures because the place was full of unique street art and sculptures that brought out the inner artists of China. We headed back to our apartment at like 5:30 PM where we made some dumplings (Beef and vegetable). Everyone loved them; we saved dishes by using napkins as plates. We watched a little bit of The Last Emperor after/during dinner. At around 8:30 we headed over to Dewdrops where we did the “squeeze” (holding hands and going around answering a question from the skipper and stating our favorite part of the day) but surprisingly we didn’t play with the babies, we put the floor in the toddler’s room back together! (The toddler room is covered in soft tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces) Now we’re back in the apartment getting ready for another day!