Location: BVI

The morning started late, to my utmost delight. The warning of storms meant we would have to leave to join the rest of the fleet early in the morning, so the wonderful staff let us sleep as they sailed to port. Many other crew members and I took advantage of the late morning to take time to ourselves by sleeping late, reading, or journaling. However, we were all up by the time we got to port to fill our water supply. Em pointed out that the storm clouds gathered just over where we would be sailing. Many others and I had mixed feelings about sailing into a storm, but to no surprise, we were all excited about the challenge. As we rode into the storm, the waves crashed against the boat, and the rain-drenched it. Fun fact: no matter how good of balance you have on a boat in a storm, you will run into things and have to hold on in order to avoid falling. This made making French toast and eating breakfast a bit of a challenge, but definitely something we won’t forget. When the cooking was done, we all had to eat the French toast by hand for fear of losing dishes or silverware overboard. We used one bowl in the center for syrup, and surprisingly no one double-dipped. When we got to the fleet, the rain and waves had settled, and we took the opportunity to shower. After all that, the day was relaxed and spent reading, journaling, playing card games, etc. It rained on and off all day, but nothing bad. Later we had lunch, but by evening many of us became restless. That was when some of us learned to play poker. For the record, we didn’t use money — we had two packs of cards, and one was used as currency while the other was used as the actual cards. Many joined in on the game, and I learned that: 1) I can’t bluff, and 2) I should never play poker in a real game because I am not great at playing. As the time passed, we hadn’t even noticed that dinner was done, and we were being called outside. We had Mexican for dinner, and it was delicious as our meals usually are. Clean-up was swift, as we needed to do squeeze for the night, and it was as fun as always. We then decided to make a small cake, but someone stole the frosting and ran outside with it, so we locked them out until they brought it back. You could hear running and shouting from all sides, but after about ten minutes, they brought it back. While we waited for the cake to cool, we had an epic dance party with flashing and loud music. It was the best. As we settled down and ate cake, we found that we had actually been pretty tired. We laid down in our sleep spots, and we were out almost instantly.

P.S. To my family and friends, I love and miss you all so much, and to my grandad, I love you to infinity I win.