Location: Galapagos

So, today was the epic continuation of painting walls with watercolors. Except not really since all that was left was a strip where the old tape had been. The worst part was that it was the evil black/brown glossy paint that specialized in repelling our watercolors. But it was then James to the rescue with a small can of actual paint! Paint-paint, not watercolors pretending to be painted. That made short work of the evil black strip, thankfully — all that was left after that was clean-up and the like. Afterward, we packed up what we needed for the next leg of our journey: three nights on a boat. The boat’s pretty small, mind you, with nice but compact bunk-bed cabins and some sort of dishwashing hose from a sink pretending to be a shower, but there are actual AC and working lights despite the small size. And the food is amazing. Maybe the street food has skewed my perception a bit, but our dinner was the best meal we’ve had since the Amazon. Give us re-fills on our juice, and we’ll be set. Some people got seasick, and some only a little bit, so there’s that as well.

  P.S. Students also took an excursion into the interior of the island to visit a Giant Land Tortoise Sanctuary.