Location: Beijing

Today we started out the day as we normally do with service in the morning. Half of us went to the baby home, and half of us went to the group home. For lunch, our lovely chefs made us mini pizzas and we ate all of them quickly! Afterwards, some of us went out for ice cream at the local store before our trip to the city. In the afternoon we took a trip to the Summer Palace. The bus driver dropped us off quite far from our destination, so we had a bit of a walk. On top of that, staff member Hannah, Bethany, Max from the group home, and I all had to take a detour to find a bathroom. After we couldn’t find one in the closest bank, we had to go all the way to the nearest emergency room just to go to the bathroom. It was an experience 🙂 When we all finally made it to the Summer Palace we were treated to beautiful sights as well as paddle boats. No one sunk and everyone had a great time. It was an overall great day!