Location: Uvita

Our sixth day in the beautiful country of Costa Rica began with the annoying sound of a 6 am alarm *sad yeehaw*. After shutting off our alarm, I had to make my rounds to wake up the rest of our group. After my friends and I returned to our room, we knocked out (instead of getting ready for the day as we had planned). I then awoke at 6:40 to my friend telling me we had 5 minutes to leave. I jumped out of bed in a hurry to finish any last minute packing and put on my bathing suit for our long day of rafting ahead. After a short bus ride to the rafting company’s office, we were served a tasty meal of Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), pineapple, toast, & coffee. The bus ride to the river was long, but the scenery surrounding us made it enjoyable; there was some “sleeping grass,” where every time you touched it the plant would retreat into itself. The river rafting lasted for the whole day. We made so many incredible memories on The Savage River. We ended up joking around with other rafts about kill or be killed and started a war (but it was mostly mentally lol) *insert whatchu gon do vine*.

After a lunch of arroz con pollo at the office, and a few sugar packets (don’t ask), we made our way down to our new hotel. At Suenos Tranquilos, we five girls were put in one room to share for the first time on the trip. It’s been interesting. We ended up watching a rather dramatic movie about racing, and my friend and I translated the Spanish dub to English so our friends could laugh along with us. After their showers, the girls went to harass JB and his Dolce and Gabana cologne while I finally got my turn to use the shower. Once we were all clean and hungry, the group met up for dinner. A hearty meal of chicken fingers, fries, salad, and other various meals, awaited us. At the dinner table, I got to ask my question of the day— What’s your dream career and why? Again, Max hit us with a mysterious and vague answer. We then met up in JB’s room for group time where we asked questions centered around values. Our deep and insightful talk took a weird turn, and we ended up talking about Bella’s strangely long toes *that’s so weird Alexa play Despacito*. Max wanted to play Swap! After dinner, so we all met down in the restaurant to play. Tragically enough, Jordan took the W. Back in our rooms for the night; us girls decided to read some poetry and have a good laugh. We judged the angst of the poets and decided to write our dramatic takes of Rupi Kaur’s poems from Milk and Honey.