Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning was very different because our staff was at a meeting. Typically, if we have something like French toast or eggs we don’t have to make it ourselves. But, because we were on our own this morning, we made breakfast and cleaned up the boat all by ourselves without staff intervention. Though we might have taken a bit longer to gain momentum for cleaning, we ended up getting the job done before Will, Lawre, and Emma came back. We then motored to a dock to refill our water tank since we were completely out of the water. We also did a complete (and super intense) cleaning of the boat, which was needed especially because the rainy weather has made our boat a bit damp. We scrubbed every inch of the boat until it was spotless, then proceeded to motor to Lee Bay where we rafted next to Snow Cat. At Lee Bay, we snorkeled and looked for lionfish, which are invasive species in this area. I saw a turtle, a massive barracuda, a school of thousands of fish, and a lot of other cool sea life. I loved snorkeling because getting so close to the sea life is cool and fun. At some point, someone spotted a lionfish, and we got out of the water so that it could be speared. Once the fish made it to the boat, we watched it getting dissected. We were shown the gills, venomous spines and even the fish that were still in its stomach. It was so cool to see the whole anatomy of the fish and how it was so different from that of a human’s. After we finished dissecting the lionfish and de-rafted, we motored to Muskmelon Bay and saw a beautiful sunset. The sunsets on the water are so much different than sunsets back home because we can see the sun meet the horizon. After we finished taking photos and such, we took nice, long showers in the ocean (which are way more fun than regular showers). Today was so fun and different, especially because we got so close to nature and I am so excited to experience more in the upcoming days.