Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a really fun day! We sailed to a really pretty spot in Tortola and struggled a little with the anchor, but that’s normal. From there we got together with the other boat and had a talk about lionfish and about how they were invasive. We went snorkeling and looked for lionfish for a while which was fun because we got to see a lot of other cool things like lobsters, pufferfish, eels, and spider looking crabs. At one point there was a huge school of minnows which was incredible to be surrounded by and swim through. The water was also really clear where we were, so you could see the sea floor from where the boat was anchored. We went back to our separate boats and had an amazing boat of ramen which we had been asking for a long time. We then grouped back together with the other boat and went out to try and catch and tag sea turtles. We got dragged behind the dinghies and saw tons of fish and some cool rock formations under the water. Sadly we didn’t catch any turtles, but it was still really fun. This was the end of the active part of the day, but we still had a barbecue on the beach to look forward to. We sailed over to a gorgeous little beach with really pretty white sand and ate some really good food. We got to hang out with the other GoBeyond boat and all of the other ActionQuest boats and meet lots of new and really interesting people. We got rained on pretty badly but it only lasted about ten minutes, and we dried off quickly because of the warmth. All in all, it was a really fun day, and I can’t wait for what tomorrow is going to bring.