Location: Uvita, Bungalows Ballenas

So basically we woke up around 8ish and cooked up some breakfast. Chloe and Sarah volunteered to cook, so they got up a bit earlier and cooked up some amazing pancakes. Then the guys cleaned up. We enjoyed some nice pancakes and cereals. We took a bus to a beautiful waterfall, which changed my life mucho. We took a huge jump and land in the water. We made friends with a local guy. Pura Vida! Then we ate at a restaurant near our bungalow and played soccer with the children. We were not allowed to go to the supermarket. Why is life not fair?

Soccer with the kids was interesting because we saw the local culture and revisited local friend on the road. Dinner was good because Moritz cooked up very good food. Then we embraced a musical adventure as we shuffled through trash underground music. We ate pasta and garlic bread and a little guacamole. Our boy Josh lost a tooth; God Bless the Tooth Fairy. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t an adult tooth!) He also offered to clean the dishes for everybody, so we owe him a big one. Everyone was very excited to get their phones this morning too, and it was a blessing from above.