Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We all woke up tired due to the storm last night, which forced everyone who was sleeping outside to move indoors. But Liam and Elle pushed through, getting soaked, and slept through the night. When we finally woke up, we enjoyed cereal for breakfast while the counselors left for an hour-and-a-half-long meeting. While they were gone, Griffin, who was the deckie, almost slipped into the ocean but was fine. When the counselors returned, we got ready to sail to Muskmelon Bay on the North side of Tortola. During this time, Avah, Surya, and some others enjoyed reading to pass the time. After our arrival, Lily and Liam made grilled cheese for lunch, but we, unfortunately, ran out of propane. Shaila and I took pictures with the matching shirts we got in Anegada in front of the beautiful landscape. After that, our group was able to do water sports because the super-dinghy had arrived. The first group left with Benzie, and Liam, Griffin, and Anna B. all went water skiing. After they did that, Hannah and Shaila went boogie boarding, where they got lots of air time. Elle got to ride and watch in the dinghy the whole time.

Meanwhile, Anna S., Surya, Chris, and I passed the time by challenging each other to a push-up contest. When it was finally our turn to do water sports, I tried to water ski but failed miserably; boogie boarding was much easier. Anna S. was the only one of us in that group to successfully water ski. The chefs then made vegetarian chili and rice for dinner, where Annie surprised us with a well-made yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Currently, we are cleaning up after dinner, and Elle, Surya, Shaila, and Avah are helping me with my terrible grammar. Afterward, we will watch a documentary about the ocean. Today was full of rest and excitement, giving us a break before tomorrow’s busy work day.

Hi Mom, Dad, and Jack! I miss you guys; say hi to the dogs for me 🙂