Location: West End, Tortola

The anticipation aboard Luna Kahuna is palpable. We’ve all been hard at work exchanging old boats for new, stocking food, cleaning and getting ourselves organized. Among myriad other tasks, Shaun has ventured up the rigging to string up flags, Jules has organized bedding and hammocks, and I’ve had fun inventorying and making sure everything is ship-shape. We’ve all chipped in to take Luna that extra step from “just another boat,” to our own little home. But, we all know that it’s the crew that makes the boat and the people that make a home, so as our shipmates walk down the dock with their duffel bags and eyes the size of saucers, we know the real excitement has begun. The realization of all the moments, adventures and challenges to come finally becomes real. We sit down for a hearty dinner and are blown away with the incredible initiative everyone takes with cleanup. Four immediately volunteer for “dishying,” and we suddenly have an army of students “deckying,” with buckets and deck brushes. We are already impressed with the enthusiasm within our team, and as we decompress from a hectic day already look forward to what tomorrow brings.