Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today had a long morning, but a short and sweet afternoon. It started early once again, and we headed off to the Valley Day school, but not before losing Jamie and some of our group to a clinic run. The remaining group split off after arriving at Valley Day School, with David maintaining the charge of the Valley Day crew, and Elliot breaking off to finish the swing set at Little Rainbows School. First, we ripped out the old fence, which had ingrained itself in some trees and posts. While that was completed quickly, the rest of the morning proved a challenge: putting in the new fence. We managed to get the posts in, but we could not link on the actual wire. The Valley Day crew soon learned that the Little Rainbow group faced similar results; they were not able to finish the swing set. However, we quickly boosted morale with some local ice cream. After this, the crew was able to contact our families for the first time in days and were granted two hours of time to explore Spanish Town. After, the entire group (having met up with Jamie) went to The Baths. They were stunning, and David led us through its labyrinth, from the jumping rock to Devil’s Bay at the end. We ended the day with a satisfying veggie burger barbecue. Altogether, while still fun, today reminded the entire group that we still had a lot to do in the upcoming days!