Location: Baotou

Today started like most days do in Baotou… breakfast in the apartment, filled with laughter and lots of our favorite yogurt drinks. After that it became like a journey into the unknown, as we had no idea what to expect from today’s excursion to the Sand Dunes and Genghis Khan’s tomb. The Sand Dunes were actually really cool! It felt like we were in some sort of movie in the desert as we rode camels and ran around, tripping to our hearts’ content. There were some interesting sights, for example the “Weird woods.” and “Thief!”, along with basically a sled down a steep sand dune. It was extremely fun, but also extremely strange. Strangely fun, if you will. Next was lunch, with 2 Lazy Suzans, where we all took a breather before our next adventure. Genghis Khan’s tomb was really interesting as everything had a purpose and thousands of years of history was at our fingertips. Thankfully Ella translated what our tour guide was saying, so shout out one time. While there we were treated like celebrities, as people took pictures of our group as usual. We were tired and ready to head back but then something shocking happened… we were informed it was a 3 HOUR ride back!!! What???? What did they do for so long without the convenience of Netflix and YouTube??!!! We talked. A lot. And laughed. A lot. Finally we had a hearty Chinese meal before settling in for the night, complete with an addicting game of heads up heads down. And lots of giggles (many from me). Honestly, it was a heck of an experience.