Location: Puerto Viejo

The students woke up this morning with excitement at the thought that we were finally getting a chance to go to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. We started the day with a traditional Costa Rican breakfast at the hotel before we walked to the nearest beach. The sharp coral on the shoreline and the lack of waves at this particular location did not suffice, so we jumped in the bus and drove a few minutes outside of town to a killer beach. The beach had soft sand, warm water and rad waves in which we attempted to body surf. After an exceptional morning on the beach, we all headed to the small but stunning center of Puerto Viejo. This little community seemed like a replica of Jamaica with the chill locals, cool shops, good vibes and the rustic restaurants against the shore. The students got a chance to soak in this culture while we split off into groups to have lunch. After, we went to the hotel to rest before a stellar traditional dinner made by a local family. To end the night we attempted to make a bonfire on the black sand beach, but it was cut short because of another storm rolling in off the ocean. If we have to spend a couple of days without road access back to San Jose, Puerto Viejo is the best possible place to do it.