Location: New Life Project, Canchanburri

We started the day at the New Life Project, where we had a wonderful breakfast of noodles, eggs, fried rice, and french fries. We then piled up into two vans and headed to the local elementary school, where we taught several students from grades 1 to 6. We were split into six pairs, each with a different topic to teach: greetings, animals, numbers, clothing, colors and body parts. After teaching four classes in the morning, we returned to the New Life Project for lunch and a short break. In the afternoon, we returned to the school, where we taught the last two classes and played with the children. The older grades got to play sports outside while the younger ones made bracelets, balloon animals and colored pictures. We then got back to the New Life Project to clean up and eat a delicious dinner before playing badminton and basketball with the kids. After we were all tired out, we all gathered together for some traditional Thai dances, games and our group got to teach the children the Cotton Eyed Joe dance, which was a lot of fun. After a long night of dancing and fun, we went back to our rooms to prepare for the exciting activities planned for tomorrow.