Location: Brewer's Bay, Tortola

I woke up on the roof with the sun shining on my face. Being skipper, I head up to the power tower and see two hot dogs on the throttles because someone from another boat pranked us. Elliot runs to get the knobs that go on them and drops one in the ocean and him and I both just watch it sink so rapidly. We ate some breakfast and sailed to Brewer’s Bay. We started right away with turtle hunting and snorkeling for lionfish. I was on lionfish duty for about an hour and a half. Maya tried to tell us to get into a straight line so we could cover more reef but that didn’t work out too well. The fish I saw were so cool but unfortunately no lionfish. Caitlin and I saw seven baby squid in a perfect line, and she just looks up at Anna, Maya, and I, and says how they are in a better line than we are. We headed back to the boat, ate some lunch, lay on the trampoline and went hunting for turtles, manta-tow style. This way is super cool because Elliot just drove the dingy slowly as me and a few other girls held onto a rope and searched with our snorkel gear on. Again, we found nothing. So, we went back to the boat and showered and got underway to Sandy Spit. Elliot made me sail wing on wing, which did not work out too well; with not a lot of wind. When we arrived at Sandy Spit, we ate some dinner and celebrated Carson’s birthday! Nothing today went as successful as we wanted it to, but it was so fun!