Location: Beijing, China

Today was a fun and long day. It started with oversleeping a little. Now that we are all used to the time change here we are all sleeping well which is very nice. We usually fall asleep around 10:30 or so talking about random things. After we got out of bed, we all got ready and had breakfast. Then we were going to practice our flash mob until we noticed our speaker has disappeared. After looking around the apartment for twenty minutes, we just decided to practice without it. Thomas decided we would stop at his house and use his which worked out great. So we all got in the van and drove to Summer Palace. Driving in the van is very interesting. Our driver plays Chinese Pop most of the time which I did not like at first, but now it’s the only thing I want to listen to, and I will download it as soon as I get home. Once we arrived at Summer Palace, we did our Flash Mob. Everyone was a little nervous at first, but then we realized we would never see these people again, so we sucked it up and had the best time. The boys even went all out and had a good time. Thanks to Sarah and Grace the dance was perfect. Our crowd took lots of pictures and laughed. Then we went on a paddle boat. It was very relaxing other than crashing into other boats about five times. Then Grace, Alex and I got amazing pork dumplings. Before we left Summer Palace, we decided to do another Flash Mob. The second one went even better with a bigger crowd. Then we left to go to Pearl Market which is a huge shopping center. Everyone spent lots of money and had fun bargaining. Brianna is having a hard time bargaining. We each bought the same Kate Spade purse at different places. I got mine for 150 kuai, and she got hers for 600. I couldn’t believe it; I think she needs to work on her bargaining skills a little more before shopping again here in China. After shopping, we then drove back to the apartment and had dinner. I went to the store and bought some more of the popsicles that I have been addicted to this whole trip. Then we did a Lifeworks Forum; it was my favorite one so far, and everyone got closer. Now we are all writing in our journals because THOMAS has decided he needs to check them. Goodnight everyone!!!