Location: Costa Rica

Welcome to the Costa Rica blog page! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

Britta Goldman grew up hiking, running, and swimming in the beauty that is Northern California. After working to build homes in Tijuana at 13 and attending her Junior year in high school as an exchange student in Costa Rica, she learned that the world has a lot to share. She has discovered many rewarding experiences from working with organic farms from Argentina to Turkey, teaching in a Mapuche community in Southern Chile, coordinating English camps in Italy, creating art shows in Barcelona and, most recently, enjoying Portland, Oregon as a Spanish and Fine Arts Teacher.

Devin Wilson is a passionate photographer, environmentalist, surfer, and friend. He has traveled the world studying, surfing, working, and doing community service. He always leaves each location with an understanding of a new culture and many new friends. From experiences at remote surf spots deep in Mexico, to entering disaster zones in the wake of Katrina, to exploring the beauty and power of Australia, to organizing charity races, to nights spent alone under the stars and the canopy of the jungle; Devin feels very lucky to have shared his experiences with the people he has met.

Jason Ryba was raised in a small farming community in northern Wisconsin. He has been a member of the Boy Scouts since age 8 and continued participation as a summer camp counselor for five years. He has earned a B.S in Biology from Eau Claire, WI in 2009 and is currently working towards a Masters in Education Leadership from Mankato, MN. Jason is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to share his enjoyment through teaching. His employment has been diverse, comprising of group facilitation of low and high ropes courses, canoe guiding, Mountain Security Patroller, and Outdoor Education Specialist around the U.S.

Kaity Fitzgerald attended the University of Delaware where she studied Psychology and Spanish. Her love for travel began as an exchange student in Spain. Since then she has traveled from Guatemala to Chile and feels a deep connection with Latin America due to her Cuban and Spanish heritage. Kaity has lived in Costa Rica for the past two years, working as a volunteer at a conservation and learning center, in the tourism industry, and as an intern at the University for Peace. Kaity loves working with students, has a passion for volunteering, and enjoys opening up people’s eyes through travel.