Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning the staff had a meeting on land, this means the crew was left unattended. As we were finishing breakfast, Morgan noticed a white bra floating in the ocean. Hannah saw that it was hers and was screaming for someone to get it. Then we all yelled to the best looking boat (the boat with the Venezuelan boys) to try and grab the bra for us. However, it floated too far away for them to reach it. After five minutes of debating whether she should jump in or not Hannah fully clothed dove in after the bra. Both boats were cheering and watching as she swam after that bra, which she successfully brought back to the boat unharmed. After that eventful morning, we left Marina Cay and headed to Guana Island for Sunday Funday. Underway to Guana Island, we had a dance party on the roof, Lad and Weston killed it on the dance floor. When we arrived, we rafted up with Moko Jumbie, and we all ate grilled cheese together which was perfectly executed by Maci and Tristan. Then Sunday Funday began which included pico sailboats, water skiing, and wakeboarding. We ended the day with the Lifeworks Forum which got extremely emotional and Casey led it flawlessly. Our spirits were raised with an incredibly delicious cake.