Location: Baotou

We started off the day by going to THE apartment and getting some breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the orphanage to take care of some really cute kids (as the title states). Most of the kids ran up for hugs, some ran away, some immediately demanded to be picked up, and in one special case an undisclosed person (me) just looked at a toddler, and it started crying. Either I made her cry, or the nanny made her cry, I’m not quite sure. Two of the girls are getting adopted, and Aden has become super attached to the one that’s leaving in four days, so it’s a bittersweet moment. Shout out to Carly and Sophia for the delicious grilled cheese they made for lunch at THE apartment. Many of them went into Jake’s four stomachs. After lunch, we went back to the orphanage, and we went outside with the kids where we played with them running around, pushing them in carts, and just cuddling. By the time we led all the kids in, it was time to go back to the hotel. We all got about an hour to get ready for dinner, but most of us went around to discover the city together. Along the way, we found cool snacks and the CUTEST PUPPIES EVER. We got to take really cute pictures with them, and Kohl got to vlog them. We then went to a small restaurant with a variety of food. We went back to our rooms, and now as I write this, we are all chilling together talking and getting closer as friends by the second. These people are awesome, and this trip is amazing, can’t wait for tomorrow.