Location: Sydney

Technically, today was Day 3 of the trip because of our travel days, but it was the first day that we met as a whole group. After we all got together at the airport, we went into two shuttle buses to get to our hostel – Bondi Beach YHA. Being a bit behind schedule due to the traffic near the airport, we didn’t have much time to go over the orientation, so we just introduced ourselves and then rushed into one of the public buses to get to our ferry. Sydney’s temperature was much colder than what all of us had packed for. While already turning into a popsicle on the side of a street we couldn’t imagine what it would be like on the way back after we surfed. Luckily, even with the tight schedule, we managed to still make it in time for our surf lesson at Manly Surf School. Some of us were already experienced in surfing, but most of us didn’t know how to surf. I was able to stand a few times today on the surfboard but getting knocked back by the waves continuously made it hard to get back out into the ocean. We turned in our phones today, which was a good thing even if it is our safety blanket. We all started socializing more once our phones were taken away…we became humans. Tomorrow we visit the Sydney Opera House which will be a first time for me. That’s it for the first of many blogs of this GoBeyond trip and yes…I’m still alive mom.