Location: Anegada

Today I woke up at 6:30 am and rose everyone to get ready for the day. The chef’s prepared us pancakes accompanied by Nutella and syrup. When we finished breakfast and morning clean up, we gathered our snorkels and necessary gear for the day and headed in on Shadow (our dinghy) to meet our taxi driver. We drove to the Anegada Rock Iguana Head Start Facility and met Kemal. He showed us the iguanas and talked a bit about them, and how the head start facility works, Torin then introduced what we were to do today, and we started on our tasks. Avery and I created the food for the iguanas and put the salad that consisted of carrots, peas, corn, and edamame, in dishes to be distributed to them in their cages. Once we finished this task, we worked with everyone else on weeding the yard and getting rid of roots, vines and loads more that have over time begun to invade the area. After hours in the sun, hard work and lots of ants, we finally finished, and the improvement was outstanding. Our hard work leads us to a beach with a restaurant, Torin ordered all of us lunch. We all enjoyed the rest of the day playing volleyball and snorkeling one of the best reefs in the world with outstanding marine life. Ladis and I saw a trumpet fish, parrot fish, rainbow fish, a stingray and much more. At around five we were picked up again by our taxi driver back to the reef hotel and had some time to look at the minimal stores Anegada has to provide and call friends and family back home. When shore time was over, we dinghied back to Moko Jumbie, showered, and chefs started dinner, which is currently being made and anticipated for, the summer Thanksgiving meal! Today was a great day volunteering in BVI; we met awesome locals, learned lots about rock, iguanas and the environment of Anegada! Keep reading the blog to hear more stories from our BVI volunteer trip!