Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

After what felt like a rather long sleep, I thought we were about to be woken up for a long day, but really, the staff were putting us underway to go to the Copper Mine. At the Copper Mine historical site, we had to maneuver our way through different shaped rocks. We had to adjust back to our land legs and have lots of balance while getting down to our first destination. The view was breathtaking as the mist of the waves breaking brushed our bodies. While enjoying the view, we picked up trash. Then we had a long, hot walk with cool sightings along the way to another beach, where we picked up more trash. There were lots of interesting things left on that beach; we even found pants! After finding the trash on the beach, we talked a lot about recycling and reducing consumption. We took a long hike back to where the taxi picked us up and brought us back to Spanish Town. We had lunch in Spanish Town, before heading to the Baths. The Baths are giant rock formations that we were able to explore and walk around through caves. Then we got back onboard the boat and went underway to Savannah Bay, where we took our first fresh water showers. We made chili and rice for dinner. Finally, we ended the night with the squeeze and will have a rather early night, as we have a long day tomorrow.