Location: New Life Project, Chumporn Province

This morning we finally got to sleep in! Mainly because some of us got up at 3:30 am to watch the opening of the Olympics. Almost everyone slept through breakfast and didn’t go down to the dining area until 12:00 pm for lunch. After lunch, the New Life boys brought out materials to hand make silkscreen T-shirts. We made these T-shirts by drawing a design on sticker paper and cutting it out. Then we matted the sticker on the silkscreen and taped it down. Next, we picked out colors for the design and smeared the paint across the screen. All the T-shirts turned out beautiful! We had another break after the intense T-shirt making, and the girls made friendship bracelets until 4:00 pm when we had sports time. Volleyball tournaments took place, and more bracelets were made. All the New Life boys loved making the string bracelets. Next thing we knew, dinner time was in motion, and we had chicken curry, rice, soup, and fruit. All the meals here have been more than great and nice and spicy! We got to end our night by teaching the boys English again and dancing until 8:30 pm. Once we left our interactive group, us Lifeworks kids made a circle for a forum. In the forum, we go around the circle and talk about life skills, what we appreciated that day, and highs and lows of the day. Getting ready for bed early tonight to wake up for another wonderful, dark, 5:30 amĀ  workout in the morning.